Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tupperwarez Craze

Salam everyone....

Today, I am just gonna share bout my personal story. I bought Tupperware products from one of my colleagues in office, and I really admired those colorful things!

Here's what I bought for today:

1) Rainbow Tumbler ( My FAV one!)
2) Pink short Tumbler
3) Sky blue thin tumbler
4) Blue container
5) Small short and thin orange tumbler (Free gift, thanks kak marian)

Take a look at these pics:

There you are...the advantages of using Tupperware are:
1)Lifetime warranty
2)Anti toxic
3)Prevent cancer
4)Quality and long lasting product
5)Can be used in Microwave
and a lot more.....
So, what are u waiting for? Go get your Tupperware products now at:


Neneth said...

Taj, patutlah murah tupperware dia jual. Dia jual satu-satu. Yg sepatutny beli 1 set(4) dia jual satu-satu. Sama ada yg dia dapat free sebab jualan dia banyak dapat murah punya harga. Itu lah murah.

TuDgE said...

iya...dia jual satu2, ada juga set, tp sy pilih each every set, coz i like variety hehehe... iya dia dpt murah coz manager..and dia xberkira sm kawan dia ckp..hehehee...

banyak lagi sy beli yg baru2 net..

Jason Stephens said...

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Wanie said...

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