Wednesday, June 1, 2011

500 years of worship

Angel Jibrail (as) told Rasulullah (peace be upon him) the follwing incident about a man in the past who worshipped Allah Ta'ala continuously for 500 years. He was granted a shelter on top of a mountain that was surrounded by salty water. However, Allah caused a stream of sweet water to flow through the mountain for that individual. The man would drink from this water and use it to make ablution. Allah Ta'ala also raised a pomegranate tree from which the man would eat one fruit every day.

One day, this person supplicated to Allah that, "Oh Allah, bring my death while I am in the state of prostration." Allah accepted this dua of his. Whenever Jibrail (as) came down to the Earth, he found this man prostrating to Allah. Jibrail (as) said that on the day of Judgement, Allah will tell the angels to take this individual to Paradise through His mercy. However, this man will insist that he should enter paradise through the good deeds that he had performed.

Then, Allah will tell the angels to compare his good deeds with the blessings that were given to him in the world. It will be seen that 500 years of his worship does not even equal to the gift of eye sight that was given to him by Allah. The angels will be asked to take him towards the hell fire. Then the man will plead, "Oh Allah! Enter me into Paradise only through Your mercy." At that point, the following discussion will take place between Allah and that man.

Allah: Oh my servant, who created you?

The worshipper: Oh Allah, You have created me.

Allah: Were you created because of the good deeds you have done or because of My mercy?

The worshipper: Because of Your mercy.

Allah: Who granted you the ability to worship for 500 years?

The worshipper: Oh the Almighty! You have granted me that ability.

Allah: Who placed you on the mountain surrounded by the ocean? Who caused a stream of sweet water to flow in between the salty water? Who caused a pomegranate tree to grow for you? Who granted you death while in the state of prostration?

The worshipper: Oh the Sustainer of the Worlds! You have done all of these.

Then Allah will say, "All these have happened due to My mercy and you too will enter Paradise only through My Mercy."

Source: Obtained from the book "Tambihul Ghafileen" by Shaikh Abul Laith Samarkandi.

We can never thank Allah for the blessings that He has given us. Let us use these blessings to recognize Allah before our death.
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Pagi yang nyaman di ODEC UMS

salam semua.semoga sentiasa di bawah lindungan Allah..pagi selasa tu kami buat liqo dan perkongsian ilmu di Odec (outdoor development centre) di mcm berada di pulau jak..layan pics ni ya..

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


as salam semua...

Hari nih staff JMSK ada kursus pengenalan blog..wahh mengimbas skill yang dah lapuk..bertahun2 lalu dah pernah buat blog actually...

so layan jak la..

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fight in Battle Array..


Just want to share 1 important point..

Based on Surah As-Saf 61, Ayat No. 4 :

Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure.

or in Malay:

4. Sesungguhnya Allah mengasihi orang-orang Yang berperang untuk membela ugamaNya, Dalam barisan Yang teratur rapi, seolah-olah mereka sebuah bangunan Yang tersusun kukuh.

That is why we have to be organized in everything we do, we have to have proper planning so that everything run's smoothly.In short, do it the correct way and with action plan..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mahukan Air Sehebat Zam-Zam di rumah anda?

Salams to all.....

Well, I am proud to announce that we can get the technology as good as Zam-Zam water directly in our home when we install the OXY PI D'IONIK LIFE WATER.

It is not the ordinary water filter, but it is a water filter plus water treatment at reasonable price of RM1575 only this month!!! go gRab it as soon as possible..For more info, you can contact me at 0198319372....

I have installed it at home and Alhamdulillah it has many benefits and my family are all happy with the quality of our water now...

p/s: Dont worry, I am a certified DCL distributor. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tsunami Politik Melanda Malaysia

Salam... Untuk post kali ini, saya amat tertarik dengan perenggan berikut. Semoga kita sama-sama hayati maksud, ambil iktibar dan move forward towards a dynamic Muslim territorry. Insya Allah..Bring back the glory of Ummah..

Allah memperingatkan dalam surat Al Baqarah ayat 85 Apakah kamu beriman(mengikuti) kepada sebahagian isi Al Kitab dan ingkar terhadap sebahagian yang lainnya. Tidaklah balasan bagi orang yang berbuat demikian daripada mu, melainkan ditimpa kehinaan didunia dan di akhirat akan diberi azab yang pedih!

p/s: Janganlah kita leka dan lalai lagi, hidup di dunia ini hanyalah sementara.. lantas apakah persediaan anda menuju negeri abadi? persiapkanlah diri kita... ayuh bangkit segera.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tupperwarez Craze

Salam everyone....

Today, I am just gonna share bout my personal story. I bought Tupperware products from one of my colleagues in office, and I really admired those colorful things!

Here's what I bought for today:

1) Rainbow Tumbler ( My FAV one!)
2) Pink short Tumbler
3) Sky blue thin tumbler
4) Blue container
5) Small short and thin orange tumbler (Free gift, thanks kak marian)

Take a look at these pics:

There you are...the advantages of using Tupperware are:
1)Lifetime warranty
2)Anti toxic
3)Prevent cancer
4)Quality and long lasting product
5)Can be used in Microwave
and a lot more.....
So, what are u waiting for? Go get your Tupperware products now at: